The dark side’s efforts with 911 – Part 2

The first thing to understand about the spiritual battle is that it is between spiritual Israel and spiritual egypt with Israel being spiritual wheat and egypt being spiritual weeds. When many say the US is not in the bible, they are trying to interpret scripture from a natural flesh perspective. The interpretation falls short.

From John 4:23 Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

So whose truth is higher? One limited by man’s interpretation of what is here or what God has? Israel has both a natural and spiritual interpretation. Who really is chosen? Is it a natural Jew or a spiritual Jew? Who are the spiritual Jews? There is no way to God except through the Son, Jesus Christ. Then who are the chosen ones? Who is the bride? The true believers? It is not the natural Jew without Christ, The tables have turned. They are now the gentiles and nonbelievers.

Revelation 11:8 says this:And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

Note that spiritual egypt is obviously a vehicle of the antichrist. If it is a vehicle then wouldn’t the darkside be awake to the implementation of this spirit to usher in an antichrist?

The following are not coincidences.

The egyptian new year is Sept 11.

Christopher Columbus falsely discovered the “new world” on 12 October 1492. That is exactly 9 months and 11 days after the New Year. The historical lies are to cover up what has arisen from the flood waters. Christ said we would return to the times of Noah and indeed we have. It is in plain view.

George Bush Sr. gave his new world order speech to a joint session of congress on 11 Sept 1990 which is 11 years before the 911 event.

In the Obama administration, the Benghazi stand down occurred 11 years after the event on 11 Sept 2012.

The Pentagon had its groundbreaking ceremonies on 11 Sept 1941 exactly 60 years before it was hit. It was supposedly hit by flight UA-77. The “God” longitude 77WLon runs right through Washington DC.

The 911 emergency code originated in 1968 which is 33 years before the 2001 event. 33 and 333 are ritual numbers for the fallen third. Christ lived 33 years. You will see this “33” pattern occur over and over. The us satanic church was birthed on 30 April 1966 (walpurghisnacht and the day before beltane – 01 May) and 33 years after the ritual year of 1933. More will be explained on this in a later post.

19 April 1995 (OK City bombing) is 333 weeks before the 911 event.

The US nuclear testing program was luciferian ritual to have the US touch the spirit of sodom which is the seed of intense heat and fire like an atomic explosion. The fallout from these blasts have increased the cancer rates and instituted a slow death up to the acceptance of sodomy which will tip the scales of judgment and allow nuclear war which is of the mold that destroyed sodom and gomorrah. 911 test blasts occurred in the state of Nevada. I think namesakes such as the beginning of the nuclear program called the “Manhattan Project” is a clue and indication that when scales of sodom type judgment of destruction by fervent heat are tipped Manhattan will be a target. It is a seed concept similar to Isaiah 17:1 where Damascus will be laid to a ruinous heap. it is the oldest city and I think that will set things in motion for the rest to fall like dominoes all the way back to the climactic battle at Armageddon. The destruction of Damascus shows the road to it is closed and what was offered to Paul and much of this world will end with the taking of the Church out of the great tribulation.

The US nuclear testing program started in 1945 and ended in 1992. That is 47 years. It is a celestial cycle of Mars. If you look at Mars now, in 47 years it will return to its original place in the celestial sky.  The concept of seed creation whether it be light or dark is in this. The place of the first blast was “New Mexico” In English gematria “New Mexico” is one of two states to equal 666 in summation. New York is the other state.

Also in 1945 fluoride (for dumbing down and used by the Nazis) was first used in Grand Rapids, Michigan’s municipal water supply. “Grand Rapids” in English gematria is 666.

The clear indication because Agenda 21 was incepted at the UN Rio de Janeiro conference in 1992 is that the dirty work was done to poison the minds with fluoride and increase cancer rates by spraying nuclear fallout from nuclear tests particularly the ritual 216 detonated above ground.

I may be sidetracking a bit, but it is necessary to show how the mystery babylon works of satan’s followers is used in the US. In the Akkadian (babylonian) language Su’en or Sin is the word for the moon. The moon is subject to the metonic cycle. If you look at the moon now, then it will return to the exact same place in the celestial sky in 19 years. That is important and will be explained further in later posts. 19 and 47 form the ritual year before the rebirth of Israel in 1948. 1947 is the year aleister crowley died. The AK-47 was first made. The Roswell crash took place. Project Paperclip ended. Diana in the roman goddess of the moon. In-DIANA is the 19th state. Indianapolis means “in the city of diana”. 1947 + 33 = 1980 which is the year the Georgia Guidestones were dedicated. (I will do a complete explanation of the GGs in a later posts) I will revisit this in a later post to show how the presidents and their luciferian government used it in ritual .

“Mexico” comes from an ancient word “Mexhitli” which means god of war. New Mexico effectively means “New god of war”. Mars is the roman god of war. New Mexico is also the “47” state. The first blast occurred close to the 33rd parallel and Hiroshima and Nagasaki are separated by the 33rd parallel. It is interesting to note that 06 Aug, the date of the Hiroshima explosion is the feast day of Christ’ Transfiguration. The 2nd blast in Nagasaki occurred 3 days later on 09 Aug 1945.

There were a total of 1054 blasts by the US and in conjunction with the UK in the 47 year period. The first major schism of the Church between the RCC and the Eastern Orthodox Church was in 1054 AD. There was a peace treaty of sorts instituted in 1965 along with the adoption of Vatican 2. That is 911 years later. What is really crazy is that in 1054 AD a supernova appeared forming the crab nebula on 04 Jul 1054 AD which is our country’s birthday. The supernova was visible until 06 Apr 1056. 06 Apr is 3 days after the crucifixion of Christ. If you use the 1056 year and subtract it from the US birth year then you have 720 years which is a ritualistic third of a 2160 year cycle. I’ll talk about this supernova type event later concerning Orion with the star betelgeuse.

On land, on water and higher atmosphere 216 tests were conducted. 216 is the babylonian source code that has been used in ritual on the final chapter of the mystery babylon of which the US plays a big part. 6x6x6 = 216. August 4 is the 216th day of the year in a non leap year. The 2nd Jewish Temple’s destruction was finished on 04 Aug 70AD. Obama’s birthday is 04 Aug 1961. Both the first and second temples were destroyed on the Jewish day Tisha B’Av. In Jewish gematria Tisha B’Av equals 911 in summation.

There are 21600 nautical miles in the circumference of the earth. The precessional equinox has a complete cycle of true north in 25920 years. Divide it by the 12 zodiac signs and each part is 2160 years. There are 2160 statute miles in the diameter of the moon. From 1776 to 1992 is 216 years. On 4 Jul 1776 the US was birthed. The Jewish equivalent day is the 17th of Tammuz which is the day Moses came down the mountain and broke the commandments before those who worshipped the golden calf. The perihelion of the sun also fell on this day.

If you go 666 weeks into the future from the dedication date of the Georgia Guidestones 22 Mar 1980 (322 is the skull and bones number) you land on (including the end day) 25 Dec 1992. 25 Dec is the birthday of nimrod who is the first of the mystery babylon kings. The antichrist is the 8th. Exactly 2160 years before 25 Dec 1992 antiochus of epiphanes 4 threw a pig on the altar of the Jewish Temple. That was in 168BC. The pig has a gestation of 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days. Christ drove demons into pigs. From 1492 to 1992 is 500 years which is also representative of the maximum lifespan of a nephilim as decreed by God in the 2nd book of Enoch. 500 years is the life cycle of the mythical phoenix bird as well.

The 1992 ritual year as other tie ins as well. According to the mayan calendar mankind went into a dream state on 26 Jul 1992. From that date to the day the Georgia Guidestones hits 666 weeks is 153 days.

From 26 Jul 1992 to 9 Sept 1992 When the UNIX clock turns to 1 billion seconds , and I think is a preritual for 911 against the olive tree (tree of life in the curse -Judges 9:9) is 3333 days.

1776 is also the year the bavarian illuminati was formed by adam weishaupt on 01 May. As stated earlier, 01 May is beltane (satanic human sacrifice day). It is the only day when spelled out as ‘may first” equals 666 in English gematria summation. 92 is the atomic number for Uranium. Remember 21 is a ritual battleground number from Matthew 21:21. There are 21 years from the fake death of hitler on 30 April 1945 to the formation of the us satanic church on 30 April 1966.

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