The Washington Monument (phallus of aton), the antichrist and the masonic compass


First let me know state that I think the coding of Washington DC goes to the very name. We know from Genesis 11:9 that language is confused from the original language at the tower of babel. Break Washington down. Was is Saw backwards. Now look at hington. It can be reformed to “nothing” or SAW NOTHING!!!  DC is the roman number for 400. Saw nothing for 400 years? Take the coming ritual year of 2016 and subtract 400 years. It is 1616 which is a major year for the heliocentric lie. Look at what transpired on 25 Feb, 05 Mar and 11 Mar.

The city of Washington DC has the shape of a “diamond in the rough”. It is bounded on one side by the Potomac River for mesopotamia. Next to it is the city of Alexandria where the GW Masonic National Shrine stands as 333 feet tall. The effort is for a babylonian/egyptian design.

On one side of DC is Virginia. On the other side is Maryland. The diamond in the rough is the act of creating the corrupted seed by separating virginity from Mary and creating the whore. Annapolis (the capital of Maryland) means city of Anna which is the mother of Mary. Marylander in English gematria is 666.

The conception of the future ruler (Christ vs. antichrist) is found at the phallic symbol known as the Washington Monument or the phallus of aton to those who prescribe to egyptian masonry. The overhead view of the WM that rises 6660 inches above the ground for the 6660 years true north (precessional equinox cycle) was in the sign of the dragon (draco) shows a vesica pisces.

Now look at the geometrical ratio of the height and the width of the eye. It is 265 by 153.

The first cornerstone of this monument was laid 04 July 1848 by freemasons. Here’s a quote from wikipedia’s entry for the “Washington Monument”.  Quote – “Construction of the monument began in 1848, and was halted from 1854 to 1877 due to a lack of funds, a struggle for control over the Washington National Monument Society, and the intervention of the American Civil War. Although the stone structure was completed in 1884, internal ironwork, the knoll, and other finishing touches were not completed until 1888. A difference in shading of the marble, visible approximately 150 feet (46 m) or 27% up, shows where construction was halted and later resumed with marble from a different source. The original design was by Robert Mills, an architect of the 1840s, but he suspended his colonnade, proceeding only with his obelisk, whose flat top was altered to a pointed pyramidion in 1879. The cornerstone was laid on July 4, 1848; the first stone at the 152-foot level was laid August 7, 1880, the capstone was set on December 6, 1884, and the completed monument was dedicated on February 21, 1885. It officially opened October 9, 1888.” – end of quote

Here’s what jumps out in the above paragraph. The 152 feet mark is right below the 153 number. It is the starting point of the second phase. Also, the marble color changes at 150 feet which is the ritual “27”% up.

The other thing is the dedication day is 21 Feb 1885. Why not the gregorian birthdate of George Washington which is the next day on 22 Feb?

One figure who was killed on this day is malcolm x on 21 Feb 1965. The day is exactly 80 years after the Washington Monument dedication ceremony on 21 Feb 1885. A generation is either 70 or 80 years in Psalms.

You can use sun math and 200 years prior to the death of malcolm x is 21 Feb 1765. If you use sun math and add the fact that in the babylonian sexagesimal system 60 seconds/1minute x 60 minutes/1hour x 24 hours = 86,400 seconds in a day. Look at the time duration to 11 Sept 2001.

It is 86,400 days!!!!   What is interesting about the 1765 year is that the Stamp Act from King George on the colonies was 22 Mar 1765. Really? The skull and bones date? And.. 215 years (one year within the babylonian source code of 216) to the dedication date of the georgia guidestones on 22 Mar 1980.

This seems like an obscure and meaningless relationship, but I’ll add  some more. “Mal” means bad. “Colm” is the Celtic word for “dove”. What strikes me as odd is that he forsook his former surname of “Little” and replaced it with “X”. That should be a big red flag. The “X” is the symbol of the first babylonian king, nimrod. The following link does a great job with explaining the “X” concept and how Christianity has basically been written to be over the birthday of nimrod. It is no wonder that Christmas is known as “X”mas.  You’ll notice in this link that the “X” is also for aton.

aton was used by the pharaoh akhenaton to attempt to create the first monotheistic religion in egypt. The concept was sun worship and akhenaton proclaimed himself as the only son of aton. Look at the demonhead (capital hill) and what sits to the right of the throne in the White House. My question is why are people making the comparison of Obama to akhenaton? Something on a spiritual level has to be making the correlation for them.

On a poster known as Walt made the fantastic claim that he had left the illuminati and answered several questions about their plans. One fantastical claim was that Obama was created in an underground lab in Finland. The word does have “Fin” (French for end) and land. 27 E Lon and 66Nlat run through the country. Not long after that a video was released by “bohemian kyle” of what the inside of bohemian grove looks like. In this link at 5:39 you will find a US flag hanging over a balcony with a Finnish flag to either side. Why?

The cover up including a forged birth certificate from Hawaii that used Afro American designation (was not used until years later) is apparent. The SSN is from Connecticut (connect – I cut) and Martha Trowbridge has done extensive work to show both the residency of Obama there and the fact that his real Father is malcolm x. Not only that but that he is the grandson of hitler.

When nimrod died, his wife deified him as a sungod. The 8th king of the mystery babylon is the antichrist known as apollo or apollyon. The RCC made the Sabbath “SUN”day. When you add the fact that the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square is from heliopolis (city of the sun) egypt and 1332 miles away from the original resting spot (666 x 2 =1332) the ritual becomes obvious. This obelisk was erected in Pope Sixtus V’s reign. He was the Pope after  Pope Gregory had the gregorian calendar established. Sixtus V is 65 which is the death year of malcolm x. Look at your light switch. It says OFF  and ON. OFF has each letter valuing 6 in simple numerology or collectively 666 and ON =65. It also has the “X” of nimrod breaking the cross which is the reverse of the Unification of Jacob (Union Jack)  This link shows where three obelisks went.

The modern day name for heliopolis is cairo. The symbol of the RCC taken from Constantine’s vision at Milvian Bridge is chi and rho.

Let’s look at malcolm little x. Does he fit the description of an antichrist? Will his spirit inhabit the one who fulfills Zecharian prophecy as the worthless shepherd? Is the shadow of the spirit of sodom and egypt already cast on the land of the US which the last chapter of the mystery babylon? The place where malcolm x is buried is the graveyard where nikolai tesla was cremated. It is Ferncliff Cemetery.

Malcolm x was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Christ said, “You shall know a tree by the fruit it bears.” It was stated earlier that the summation of the first 90 degrees of egyptian masonry is the “rite of memphis”. 90WLon runs through Memphis, TN and the world’s 6th largest pyramid is there. The summation of 96 degrees is known as the “rite of mizraim” 96Wlon runs through Omaha, Nebraska as well as Offutt AFB where the Strategic Air Command is. When the number values are assigned to each letter of Offutt (which means man from Oxford) it becomes 666322 or the mark of the beast and the skull and bones number. This was the last place bush went on the fateful day of 11 Sept 2001.

I will sidetrack for a minute to show an astounding correlation. On the 90WLon line also lies New Orleans which has the symbol of the five pointed star and crescent moon. At the very top of New Orleans on Lake Ponchartrain is a specific latitude it shares with the grand chamber of the great pyramid at giza. The exact center of the grand chamber yields 29.9792458 degrees NLat which is the impossible but true same number sequence as the speed of light which is 299,792,458 m/sec. A youtuber did this calculation. I do not have a link. I will continue to look for it. It is amazing work.

Break down the word Omaha. It is the “om” soul chant which reverberates at 432hz (216 x 2) and aha which is the expression for a eureka moment and the 2nd pharaoh of ancient egypt according the the Palermo Stone. Here is a demonstration of the all seeing eye and pentagon formed in the great pyramid with a recording of the soul chant.

The ancient name of egypt is khemet. The ancient word for ham (son of Noah who turned dark by creating the seed of sodomy) is K’ham. Khemet means “land of ham”. It makes you wonder why the rear end of a pig is called “ham”. Look  at the word backwards. A ham O? A cursed type O bloodline with rh negative connections?

The name of the state is Nebraska. Break it down. Nebra is a derivative word for nimrod. aska is aksa backwards or al-Aqsa which is one of the temples standing where it should not on the Temple Mount. The other is the golden dome of the rock. On its walls is a message that is the essence of an antichrist. From 2 John 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. That message is in the golden dome of the rock where the foundation stone is set and the well of souls is supposed to be.

Look at this link. The following is from the “significance” section of the wikipedia entry for “The golden dome of the rock”. Quote -On the walls of the Dome of the Rock is an inscription in a mosaic frieze that includes the following words from Quran (19:33–35), which are considered blasphemy to Christianity:33. “So peace is upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive!” 34. Such is Jesus, son of Mary. It is a statement of truth, about which they doubt. 35. It is not befitting to (the majesty of) Allah that He should beget a son. Glory be to Him! when He determines a matter, He only says to it, “Be”, and it is. – end of quote. Note that the beginning verse is 19:33 which is a high ritual satanic year that the US was put in a state of emergency and hitler came into power. That is further explained in an earlier post. This building is 666.99 nautical miles away from the kaaba stone in mecca. The stone is 666 nautical miles to Bethlehem, Jordan. It is strange Bethlehem and the birthplace of the Savior are cut off from Israel just like Daniel said he would be. Then add that Jor means elevate and dan is the fallen tribe and woe and sin of Jacob. Look at the word “insurance” (for this uncertain construct and without the surety of God) in – sura-n (book of koran) ce – Christian era.

If you take the prime meridian and return it to the Temple Mount, the opposite side of the great circle runs through Alaska or al-Aqsa. The state is steeped in ritual and there is an underground pyramid which I think is field generator just like the Bucegi complex which helps to create this false reality.  This pyramid is approximately 50 miles west of Mount McKinley which was recently renamed by Obama as “Denali” which I think is the reformed word of denial. The longitudal location is close to 152 degrees WLon.

One of the most western cities of Alaska is “Nome” which is the name of an ancient egyptian geopolitical region. The capital is Juneau which is a derivative name of the wife of jupiter which is juno.

The current prime meridian runs through the Greenwich Observatory in the UK. It is a ritual 1947 nautical miles from the Temple Mount. David Flynn made this calculation.

In egyptian masonry the position of 97th degree is reserved for the “grand hierophant” known as the black pope. This is what is replacing the church in Rome when the rapture takes place. The ending of the daily sacrifice is taking away the Holy Eucharist (Body of Christ). There is a lot of ritual between 96 and 97 WLon. The “Franklin Conspiracy” which I will talk about later occurs in this area. You can also find a building in what some call the geographical center of North America on 97Wlon in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  This link is well worth the read.

Two well known grand hierophants were theodor reuss and the self proclaimed pedophile and most evil man of earth, aleister crowley. Why would the Franklin Conspiracy share the same geographical location as the 97th degree? Why would the ritualistic murder of JFK be close to 97WLn and 33NLt? Who sanctioned it? The black pope? The mystery of who committed the crime is solved. It was done by his wife. This is by Alan Lamont. I suggest following his work.

Now look at the original 100 square mile layout of the capitol. It had 40 stones to create the diamond pattern. The layout starting on the ritual date of 11 Feb 1791 which is the same day the Lateran Treaty was enacted and the Julian birthdate of George Washington. The 40 is representative of a full transit of venus which is 40 years.

Now let’s use the Washington Monument as a center of the compass. In a 666 statute mile sweep you pass through the first permanent European settlement, St, Augustine. The landmark is closer to 667 statute miles miles but the very first settlement is eerily close to 666 statute miles.

What was an inexplicable event was for the church of satan to morph into an egyptian temple of set and be moved by its founder, anthony aquino (us colonel and former head of the nsa) to Austin, TX. If you make take the dark compass and make a 666 statute mile radius from the Washington Monument, St. Augustine, FL and from Austin, TX all three circles intersect slightly left of Cairo, Illinois (sion backwards and ill both ways). The area is known as “little egypt”. The location is above Memphis, TN and similar to the location of the two cities in Egypt. This area is also part of the New Madrid faultline.

Some of you are probably saying, “Oh that is just coincidence.” No!!!!! The weeds are growing with the wheat at present. Spiritual Israel is growing with spiritual egypt. Right across the Mississippi (says i’m isis and pi both ways) is Missouri. It is a derivative word from an egyptian month “mesori” which means “birth of the sun.” The path to perdition is wide. The gateway arch is a half buried huge eye of the needle. It is also the namesake of the battleship that the Japanese surrendered with no swords exchanged on water.  In the rear was a reverse field US flag.  The ritual was to bring Japan into the blood money maritime law system. The 33rd president who was 33rd degree mason is from there. His birthplace is Lamar, MO. 666 statute miles from there is Point Pleasant, WV where the mothman prophecies and tragedy come from. Check it out for yourself and plug the cities in.

I’ll do a post on the mystery babylon naming of this country later.

I think the intersection of these three circles is the location of a future major earthquake. There is a youtuber who discovered a 188 day earthquake cycle but I think this can be further reduced and calculated to a cycle of Mars which is 47. 47 x 4 = 188.


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