A numerical connection between the Roswell crash, the birth of Israel, the Georgia Guidestones, and more nuclear dark ritual

From the Roswell crash on 07 Jul 1947 to the birthday of Israel in the same year as the georgia guidestones’ dedication is exactly 12,000 days. You can read the astounding math in earlier posts concerning new mexico. From Dulce, NM (underground nephilim base) to Hollywood, CA is 666 statute miles.


From the rebirth of Israel to the 1st anniversary of the georgia guidestones is 12,000 days. http://www.timeanddate.com/date/durationresult.html?m1=5&d1=14&y1=1948&m2=03&d2=22&y2=1981

From the Roswell crash to the 33rd birthday of the georgia guidestones on 22 Mar 2013 is 24,000 days. http://www.timeanddate.com/date/durationresult.html?m1=7&d1=7&y1=1947&m2=03&d2=22&y2=2013

Now look what happens exactly 70 prophetic years of 360 day years from the Roswell crash which is 25,200 days. It is the birthday of the US in 2016!


2016 with 216 babylonian source in it has the appearance of being a hinge point year. When you add the fact from an earlier post that from the crucifixion date of 03 Apr 33AD to the 68th birthday of Israel on 14 May 2016 is exactly 2012 years using the prophetic year the synchronicity in the math is overwhelming.

Here is an explanation of David Flynn’s math and Tom Horn’s explanation that compliments this body of work. http://derekpgilbert.com/?p=2405  This is suggested reading. The 864, 648 and 468 sequences are important. 13 prophetic years is 4680 days. 18 prophetic years is 6480 days. 8640 days is 24 prophetic years. 864 is sun math and 8640 years – 6660 years of true (precessional equinox) north being in the sign of draco is 1980 years which is the dedication year of the georgia guidestones. 1980 / 60 minutes /degree = 33 degrees.

From the Temple final destruction 04 Aug 70 AD to the day before Christ’ crucifixion 02 Apr 33AD (02 Apr 2016) is exactly 1974 prophetic years.

710,640 / 360 = 1974


From the first Holy Pentecost 26 May 33AD to the 69th anniversary of the Roswell crash 7 Jul 2016 is exactly 2012 prophetic years.

724,320 / 360 = 2012.

From the crucifixion of Christ (03 Apr 33AD) to 68th birthday of Israel (14 May 2016) = 2012 prophetic years.

Same math as above.

Add time and you can derive 77,777 minutes between the birthday of Israel 2016 and the Roswell crash 2016.

From the resurrection day 05 Apr 33AD 05 Apr 2016 to the birthday of the US 04 Jul 2016 is 2160 hours.

From the Roswell crash 07 Jul 1947 to the birthday of the US this year 04 Jul 2016 = 25,200 days.
25,200 / 360 = 70 prophetic years.





Here’s a further proof of the connection of mars’ 47 year cycle and dark ritual.


The following is an entry from 1958 on 11 Mar in the wikipedia entry. Quote –March 11 – A U.S. B-47 bomber accidentally drops an atom bomb on Mars Bluff, South Carolina. Without a fissile warhead, its conventional explosives destroy a house and injure several people. – end of quote Really??? That is careless with that type of payload or was it intentional? The truth is there is divine intervention. The effort was to set off a bomb, blame it on the Russians and destroy the elect that were being reborn during that time period. Ephesians 4 and Malachi 4:5 are mysteries for the endtimes. The first shall be last and the last shall be first.  It will be explained in later posts. Who drops two hydrogen bomb payloads? Who flies military planes and opens the hatch dropping nuclear bombs? The Keystone cops? Do you think this is crazy? Look at the ritual math around the event. Start with the first nuclear test on 16 Jul 1945 and go forward.  http://www.timeanddate.com/date/durationresult.html?m1=7&d1=16&y1=1945&m2=4&d2=16&y2=1958

The event is in the 666th week. Did the bomb fail to detonate because the scales for sodomic judgment had not been reached? The second one did not have a nuclear device and the ritual had the appearance that it was an in your face defiance of God Almighty.

When will that day occur? I think with bible telling you the mystery babylon city will be destroyed in an hour and “New York” equals 666 in English gematria plus the development of the Abomb is called the “Manhattan Project” the clues are obvious. Watch the signs in the sky.

There was a guy on the internet several years ago who said he had discovered how to make an atomic warhead. He said the only thing missing was the connection to astrology. I thought at the time, his idea was farfetched but not now. What needs to review the atomic testing programs and future dates where the scales of judgment could be tipped is a real good astrologer. The fellow I am talking about feared the government would shut down his site. Not long after that I never heard anything else out of him. More will be posted on the “Christ” bomb later.

Here’s the difference between the two incidents. It is 33 days! Where is this Tybee bomb? Why would the search effort be called off so quickly with the possibility of devastation long term?  What happens to the plutonium when the shell of the bomb corrodes from salt water? What would be the purpose of flying an Hbomb around anyway?


Here’s another incident that happened the same year. Shouldn’t there have been a halt to flying these atomic bombs around? http://www.reporternews.com/news/nov-4-1958-account-of-b-47-crash-ep-393589000-340934631.html

Then look at what was reported later at Dyess AFB as well and where the bombs were headed. It is the same area as the Tybee Bomb incident.



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