hitler’s tie-in to recent UK false flag among other things

Planetary motion integrated with babylonian math are what illuminati use in their rituals. The planet Uranus which indicates change has a cycle of 84 years. Part of the reverence to “1984” involves Urantia math. 22 Mar 2017 was 84 years since dachau (first concentration camp for nazi germany) was opened on 22 Mar 1933. On 23 Mar 1933 hitler was made furher by the enabling act. That guy was satan in the flesh.

The higher ups worship him and the dark underbelly of the US shadow government is at its core the remnants of the 3rd reich brought over in project paperclip. hitler was possessed by the spirit of satan according to dietrich eckhart in his memoirs. Here is a follower of hitler (link at the end of the paragraph) who once ran the NSA and was part of the mind control program of “project phoenix” in the Vietnam War which was total satanic ritual. At the center of the conflict from 1956 – 1975 is the birth of the US satanic church on 30 Apr 1966 exactly 21 years after hitler faked his death on 30 Apr 1945.

The Mars cycle is 47 years. From 22 Mar 1933 add 47 years which lands on the dedication day of the georgia guidestones on 22 Mar 1980.

The NSA and CIA were birthed in the ritual year that project paperclip ended which is 1947. 19 is for the metonic moon cycle and years and 47 is for the Mars cycle. Now add 47 years from the eve of the birthday of hitler 19 Apr 1947 and land on 19 Apr 1994. It is a hub year for ritual. On 19 Apr 1993 the Waco massacre takes place. On 19 Apr 1995 the OK City bombing takes place. From 19 Apr to 01 May (beltane) are known as the 13 days of the beast and a dark reflection of the 13 days afterwards to the birth of Israel on 14 May.
Look what happens on hitler’s bday in the last year of the millennium from the above link.
Quote- ” April 20, 1999—The Columbine High School Massacre.”
And look what day ratzinger is made pope. quote – ” April 19, 2005—Joseph Alois Ratzinger elected as Pope Benedict XVI.” 3 years later he visits “ground zero” on the same day.
Now look at the day he abdicated. 28 Feb 2013.
Look what happened an exact Uranus cycle of 84 years before that.
Pic for proof. https://fdrlibrary.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/48-22-370191.jpg

Look at the math from hitler’s birthday 20 Apr 1889 to the inauguration day of Trump 20 Jan 2017. It is exactly 6666 weeks.

The guidestones use the 22 Mar date for their luciferic monument. 22 Mar is used for a reason. satanism is into hacking and reversal of words. Lived to devil and live to evil are prime examples. The 22 mar date is no different. Christ died and was resurrected on the third day. He spent 40 days on earth and ascended into Heaven. 10 days later the Holy Spirit came down and entered 120 disciples in the Upper Room. The whole process is 53 days to form the Church.

Note the masons go in the upper room and go the other way to lucifer by taking a nimrod oath. Proof – https://ooanumati.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/freemasonry-oathoath-of-nimrod/

The 8.0 version is the antichrist.
From the birth of Israel 14 May signaling the end of the age in reverse to 22 Mar is 53 days.

Now look at the interval from Independence Day to a 30 Apr day 2 years later. It is 666 days.

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