The Illuminati Ordering Principles Exposed – Part 2 How many modern presidents are tied to ritual calendar math

It isn’t news that freemasonry is a secretive organization that has shaped this world. What should come as no surprise is the that ring leader that wore a 33rd degree medallion who openly worshipped lucifer predicted every major war to date and why they would happen. That was albert pike. How could he do that unless he was awake for darkness and had  accomplices willing to play their parts through time? It’s impossible. And… the ritual calling cards would be left throughout time attaching the crimes to make sure those who went later would understand how the crimes before them were fashioned and how the ones current and to come would lead to the New World Order.

Who would be a key element in the modern fulfillment of prophecy? Wouldn’t it have to be a masonic figure who is a world leader? There are two that come to mind. One was a president who was a 32nd degree mason and the 32nd president. The one that followed was a 33rd degree mason and the 33rd president. I don’t think there is any argument that an ordering principle is being followed here. I think it warrants a further investigation when a country is involved in a deep dark depression, World War 2 with over 40 million killed and the advent of a nuclear age.  That is exactly what I have done.

I have read the sect that FDR was involved in worshipped satan. That is hard to prove but the ordering principle that surrounds him shows him bearing dark fruit. To add to that what I am going to show you is beyond coincidence and chance when you couple the fact that it is not exclusive to his lifespan but covers the entire history of the US. The use of 216, 666 and 47 are the trademarks of luciferians. 216 and 666 are babylonian codes. They invented it.  The other one ties them into Greek mythology. That has to do with the fact that the coming antichrist is apollo and his father is zeus. That is exactly what satan wants. he wants to be zeus. In the Old Testament you can find lucifer’s fall is to Mount Zaphon. The current name of Mount Zaphon is Mount Aqraa. This brings the Acropolis tie in.

The Mars cycle as I stated earlier is 47 years. Mars returns to its original place in the celestial sky every 47 years. Let’s apply 666 and 47 math to the lives of two presidents. I will add in masonry the 47th problem of Euclid is right triangle math. Type in “masonic 47th problem of euclid” and see what comes up in Google search.

FDR became a 32nd degree mason on 28 Feb 1929. Here’s proof.

Now let’s use the calendar and go to Pearl Harbor in duration.

From FDR becoming a 32nd degree mason to the bombing of the bombing of Pearl Harbor is in the middle of the 666th week. The day count is 4666 days.

Now look what happens in the same time period. Herbert Hoover ( regular bohemian grove attendee) is inaugurated on 04 Mar 1929. The math from his inauguration day to Pearl Harbor is exactly 666 weeks!!!!!

Now that I have your attention, many of you are thinking this is mere coincidence. Well I would tend to agree with you if that was stand alone but it isn’t. When you see what is in this post and what is in the other posts the ordering principle is for certain and the association to the events is undeniable. They are convicted by signing their marks in time with the signatures of satan and the antichrist.

From fdr’s birthday 20 Jan 1882 to hitler’s fake death day on walpurghisnacht 30 Apr 1945 is 3300 weeks.

From the 07 Dec 1941 go 47 years in the future to 07 Dec 1988. Now add exactly 666 weeks again.

It is 01 Sept 2001!!!!!

The same thing happens in reverse order.

Add 666 weeks to 07 Dec 1941.

You land on 9/11/1954 !!! Then add 47 years and you are on 9/11/2001!!!

There is yet one more way to 11 Sept 2001/ The metonic moon cycle is 19years. In Jewish tradition the Sun returns to its original place in creation every 28 years.  The blessing bestowed is called the birkat hachama. Go 28 years ahead from 07 Dec 1941 and land on 07 Dec 1969. Now go 666 weeks and land on 11 Sept 1982.

Now add a moon cycle of 19 years and you again land on 11 Sept 2001. By adding a sun cycle of 28 years and then 666 weeks and then a moon cycle of 19 years starting on 07 Dec 1941 you again are at 11 Sept 2001. This is impossible but true math. 7 World Trade Center that was brought down by demolition was 47 stories tall.

The numbers don’t lie and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that an ordering principle has been used with target dates to achieve dastardly acts that would usher in a new world order. If not, then why does the dollar have symbolism put there at the behest of two masons, FDR and his VP Wallace? The all seeing eye pyramid has the latin words underneath “novus ordo seclorum” which means new world order. You’ll notice the Roman numeral year 1776 is underneath but the clear indication is that it is for the 01 May date of adam weishaupt and the birth of the bavarian illuminati.  You’ll see why in the third part. The man who designed this emblem was a  Russian mystic who believed in shamballa and named Nicholas Roerich. He died in 1947.

Not only is that true, but something was being relayed from the spiritual world to those in the serpent mind because this mystery prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor happened exactly 22 years before JFK was assassinated on 22 Nov 1941.

The name of this game was called “The deadly double”. Its emblem was the two headed eagle which just happens to be the symbol of 32nd degree scottish rite masonry.

This was investigated by the FBI and dismissed as coincidence even though the guy who paid for the advertisement with cash and used his plate for graphics died in the same time period. Read the above link and see there is more to this than the government wanted you to know.

What is uncanny is the date is 22 years to the day before the JFK assassination. One weird correlation with the birthday of the rebirth of Israel to JFK is this. From 14 May 1948 to the day JFK married Jackie Bouvier is 1948 days. Note that this is 12 Sept. 1947 days would be 11 Sept.

The Hoover administration ended in disaster. Right after his inauguration, the world went into an economic tailspin on 29 Oct 1929. This was judgment from God because the seed for the “whore of babylon” church was established on “Vatican Hill” by the Lateran Treaty earlier that year. The dark fruit is there. “Vatican hill” in English gematria equals 666 and in Jewish gematria equals 911. See for yourself. “Vatica” means prophet or seer, and the old roman religion had that area littered with fortunetellers. The name Rome comes from the whore false goddess roma and it sits on 7 hills just like Revelation says it would. The seed for canon (roman) law is there. It is a maritime law system that seeks to hold you in your false all caps earth birth name and away from your name in the Book of Life. In the Italian language both the J and K are missing. Why? The old spelling of Jesus Christ was Jesu Kristos. And the Italian language bans those letters? Look at the names of the blood money system. BAN-“K” and BAN-KING!!!!

I stated in an earlier post that the babylonian source is 216 and the day it falls on in a regular non leap year is 04 Aug. This is the day of the end of 2nd Temple destruction. If you go from the crucifixion of Christ to that day it is 1948 weeks and 1 day.

The day of the beginning of the Temple destruction was Tisha B’Av. In Jewish gematria, Tisha B’Av is equal to 911; so, both Vatican Hill and Tisha B’Av are the same.

As a matter of fact both Jewish Temples met their final destruction on Tisha B’Av.

Now look what happens with the 04 Aug date when you go 666 weeks into the future exactly from Black Tuesday 29 Oct 1929. You land on 04 Aug 1942. This is the year Stanley Anne Dunham, mother of BHO, is born.

Now let’s introduce the Moon cycle known to the babylonians and Jews and named by a Greek as the Metonic cycle. The moon returns to its original place in the sky every 19 years. The word for Moon in Akkadian (babylonian) is Su’en which is pronounced SIN!!! You can’t make this stuff up. Here’s the link.

Now add a cycle of the moon or sin to 04 Aug 1942. You land on BHO’s birthday which is 04 Aug 1961!!!

In the link above is the name of the sin false god EN.ZU. The number 30 or XXX is associated with it. X = 24 and 2+4=6. XXX = 666.  The name of the false roman goddess of the moon is diana. The 19th state is IN-DIANA. The same methodology was stated in an earlier post about New Mexico. Mexico comes from the ancient word mexhitli and means god of war, so; therefore, New Mexico means “new god of war” and is one of two states to equal 666 in English gematria. It is also the 47th state.

The 6th leg of old Route 66 which was called the devil’s highway ran through New Mexico. The number 666 was removed in Arizona in 1992.

This is the year the us nuclear testing program ended. It started in 1945 (a Mars cycle 47 years earlier). This is the same year WW2 ended and the UN was established in the other state that equals 666.

The first nuclear test was approved by the 33rd president who was the 33rd degree mason and known as “whorehouse” Harry on the 33rd NLat in a state that adds to 666 in English gematria, means “new god of war” and is the 47th state like the Mars cycle, and the place of the blast is commemorated by a triangular black rock named the trinity site. How much more do you want for a calling card by the illuminati?  Type illuminati backwards followed by .org. It takes you to the nsa website.

The big ritual took place during Truman’s administration in 1947. That would be the moon 19 and the mars 47.

1947 events

The NSA and CIA are formed.

The AK-47 goes into production.

Project Paperclip ends and all the Nazi buddies are brought over to the US to start the 4th reich.

The Roswell crash was 3 days after the birthday of the US.

alesiter crowley dies.

The term “computer” is first coined. It equals 666 in English gematria.

Admiral Byrd claims to have gone to inner earth on a polar flight. I don’t trust anything he says because he was a mason with Federal lodge #1 in Washington DC and created Lodge 777 as the first lodge for Anarctica. The address to the 1st Federal Lodge is located 1733 16th St NW in DC. 1733 is the year the first grand lodge was established in Massachusetts. 1833 was when the first class of skull and bones was inducted. 1933 is the high satanic year of hitler coming into power and FDR declaring a state of national emergency that was never rescinded. The naval mission “Project Highjump” took place in this time frame as well. Scroll down and see his masonic affiliation in the provided link.

What better way to cover up the truth of flat earth than to use one of their own like in the “Apollo” named for the antichrist fake moon missions. The story he fabricated would be a typical hegelian dialectic move to keep people thinking in terms of a globe. No one has since come forth to dispute his claims and the polar regions are off limits. Why?

Part 3 soon

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