The Iluminati ordering principles-part-3-how many modern presidents are tied to ritual calendar math

Let’s keep going with this. This effort goes to the current day president. I’ll exclude the Bushes because they deserve their own special segment in part 4.

From Black Tuesday 29 Oct 1929 to beltane 01 May 1966 is 13,333 days. The us satanic church was started on that eve of walpurghisnacht 30 Apr 1966.

From the solar eclipse on 20 May 1966 to the My Lai massacre 16 Mar 1968 is 666 days.

From the start of the us satanic church on the eve of beltane to the Ha My massacre on 25 Feb 1968 is 666 days.

The Hue massacre ends 25 Feb 1968 as well.ế

BOTH SIDES WERE INVOLVED!!!!! Now doesn’t it make sense for bombing runs used on nonexistent targets; so, the dark buddies on the other side didn’t get killed? It was a prolonged human blood sacrifice in the hegelian dialectic mode. Vie is French for life. T is the cross, and nam is man in reverse (life of man at the cross) Doesn’t it make sense for troops to be sent in hot LZs with bad intel (done on purpose)? From 30 Apr 1966 to 03 Feb 1979 is exactly 666 weeks. Ayatollah Khomeini forms the council for islamic revolution.

From hitler’s birthday 20 Apr 1899 to the eve of the start of us satanic church 29 Apr 1966 is exactly 68 prophetic years.

24,480 days / a 360 day prophetic year = 68 years exactly.

It is 333weeks and 6 days from the OK City bombing 19 Apr 1995 to the 11 Sept 2001 event.

From 31 Oct 1948 (Halloween of Israel’s rebirth year) to the birthday of Obama 04 Aug 1961 is the cusp of 666 weeks.

From the birthday of Obama 04 Aug 1961 to the 26th birthday of Israel on 14 May 1974 is 4666 days. 666 weeks and 4 days.

1961 + 47 = 2008 which is Obama’s first year as president. From Obama’s birthday to 29 Oct 1979 is 6660 days.

29 Oct 1979 is the 50th anniversary of Black Tuesday.

From Black Tuesday 29 Oct 1929 to 04 (216th day of the year) Aug 1942 is exactly 666 weeks as stated earlier. Obama’s mother is born that year. Add a full Moon metonic cycle of 19 years and you are on Obama’s birthday. 04 Aug 1942 + 19 years = 04 Aug 1961. 1942 -1492 = 450. 450 + 216 = 666.

Here’s another gem from BHO’s birthday to the 11th anniversary of 9/11/2001. It is also the day of the otherwise inexplicable benghazi stand down.

From the birthdate of NASA to the birthdate of Obama is 1111 days.

1961 + 19 = 1980 Georgia Guidestone’s birth year .

To the day a year before the DC quake 23 Aug 2010 and only the capstone cracking on the Washington Monument to the birth of the Georgia Guidestones is 11,111 days.

216 > 2/16 is the 47th day of the year

The 911 code is established in Haleyville, Alabama (says I am abala (cabala – cut of Heaven backwards) on 2/16 1968.

1968 + 33 = 2001. The X flag is over the state. 33 NLat runs through it. Alabama is for the Choctaw word Ali baama which means “gatherer of weeds”.

Look at this ritual using 2/16. From 16 Feb 1951 to the assassination date of JFK on 11 Nov 1963 is exactly 666 weeks.

JFK was born on 29 May 1917. There are 216 days left in the year. He died 22 Nov 1963. That is within the 47th year. His 47th birthday would have been 29 May 1964. That is exactly 27 weeks (3x3x3) after his assassination.

Use of 47 year Mars cycle, 19 year Moon cycle and 28 year Sun cycle and 33 years for the march against the life of Christ and to represent the 33rd degree of the fallen third

47 degrees is the difference between the tropics of cancer and capricorn.

1947 – 33 = 1914 (start of world war 1)

1947 + 19 = 1966 (start of us satanic church)

1947 + 33 = 1980 (dedication year of georgia guidestones)

1980 + 33 = 2013 (33rd year of georgia guidestones)

1260 days before that obama was awarded the false man of peace nobel prize on 09 Oct 2009.

1933 + 33 = 1966 1933 hitler comes to power The first concentration camp dachau opens on skull and bones date of 22 Mar 1933.

1814 (end of War of 1812) + 47 = 1861 (start of civil war)

1898 (start of Spanish American War) + 47 = 1945 (UN is formed and WW2 ends)

1947 + 26 = 1973 (This (26) is a mayan calendar cycle) I threw this in here because of the 26th anniversary of Israel having 666 connections with BHO.

1973 (abortion made legal) + 19 = 1992 (high satanic ritual year).

1945 (UN starts) + 28 years = 1973

1992 end of us nuclear testing program – 1945 beginning of us nuclear testing program = 47 years. The fallout increased cancer rates. From Matthew 10: …14″Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, as you go out of that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet. 15″Truly I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city.

According to Jewish tradition the Sun returns to its original place in creation every 28 years.

1973 (abortion is made law) + 28 years = 2001

1980 (georgia guidestones dedication year) + 28 years = 2008 which is the first presidential election year of Obama. 1933 + 28 = 1961 This final generation has backed into the judgment of sodom with increased cancer rates manufactured by luciferian design. The mad rush to legitimize sodomy will end with nuclear war as the scales of judgement are tipped towards fervent heat destruction as befell sodom and gomorrah.

What we need to do is wake up and realize we are at war with demons. Christ asked us to pray the Lord’s Prayer. It says, “Thy Kingdom come. The will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” That means earth is a reflection of the Heavenly battle. Obama’s birthday is 04 Aug which is the 216th day of the year. 6x6x6 = 216. He has the dubious distinction of sharing birthday’s with the start of the destruction of the 2nd Temple on 04 Aug 70AD. The Holy Bible is replete with verses that tell us the body is the Temple. Where would the first desecration of the Temple start? In the body of the one to be the son of perdition? That is a certainty. If you take the 04 Aug date as a birthday then where would the conception date be in reverse 9 months? It is 04 Nov!!!!!

For the desecration process to start in must first be in their body. Look at this math. From 04 Aug 1961 to 04 Nov 2012 is 18,720 days. 04 Nov 2012 falls on a SUN!!!day. The antichrist is known as Apollo or Apollyon. 18,720 divided by the true prophetic year of 360 days is exactly 52 years. Obama’s mother died when she was 52.

Halloween is a day people dress up and desecrate the temple. The next day is All Souls Day. If the Temple is desecrated then what would the pattern of electing a man in sin result in over time? It would lead you right to the antichrist. Three dark days take you to the typical ELECT-ion day of 04 Nov.

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