There is something going on here

Here’s a link showing the correlation of the Jewish civil calendar to the the gregorian calendar.

Note that since the middle ages of the satanic cabalistic jews including sabbathai zevi and jakob franks (discussion later) the beginning of time (whether it is actually correct or not is not the concern here) was calculated to start on October 7, 3761 BC.  Look at the Jewish equivalent year of 2000AD, It is 5761. 5761 – 3761 = 2000. Doesn’t look like a coincidence does it?

The Jewish year until autumn of 2016 is 5776. 6000 years – 5776 = 224. 224 years is the number remaining until the Jewish calendar turns to the 6001st year.

3761 is a prime number. The year before that, 3760, can be factored by 47 x 80.  Here you have a Mars cycle and what is promised in Psalm 90:10 from   The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. By the math, Christ would be brought into flesh in the 48th generation.

Look at the significance of 3760 BC if the math is correct in this link.

This looks correct that herod died in 1BC. Christ had to be born the year before that. The visit by the wise men was much later and once herod was informed  of the birth of a Messiah he sent out an edict to kill all male children below the age of 2. Did dark ritual and lies cover up this fact? Something has to account for the lack of a zero year of the gregorian calendar. I think it is very apparent what is going on here. Should 1 BC actually be 1 AD? and.. the missing 0 year be the year Christ was immaculately conceived and born into flesh.  It is odd that birthdays of many notable figures can be calculated in history but both the birthday and crucifixion day of Christ have remained shrouded in mystery. The fact that the RCC created this calendar and there is a tie-in with the Jewish calendar indicates collaboration. When the rest of the ritual including the use of sol invictus as the birthday of Christ is added there is no doubt that conspiracy theory has just become conspiracy fact.

In an earlier post it was noted that the egyptian new year is 11 Sept. Go 11 days in reverse and you are 31 Aug. If the zero year is added in the gregorian calendar then the Immaculate Conception is where it should be at 01 Jan 00AD.

In 1492 the following happened. The rosslyn chapel was completed. The illuminati stooge, columbus falsely discovered the “New World” 9 months and 11 days into the year. A borgia was sittings pope. He was from Spain and by all indications was a marrano (Jew forced into Christianity) sitting as the papal head. In 1492, the jews were kicked out of Spain. The exiled jews were allowed to enter Rome by borgia. The reason they were kicked out of most of Europe is due to the synagogues of satan, talmudic fake jews sacrificing children. It wasn’t because of the ones who actually practiced their faith.

I calculated the birthdate of Christ at 31 Aug. Was there a further shift in time? Look at the duration form 03 Apr 01 AD to 31 Aug 01AD. It is 150 days or 216,000 seconds and 216 is the babylonian source code.

Now look at the 25 Mar original New Year. 3 dark days in reverse is the skull and bones date of 22 Mar. To 03 Apr is 9 days or 216 hours. 03Apr is 92 days after the 01 Jan New Year.





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