George Washington notes

The 666 ordering principle can be found at the beginning of the country. From the birthdate of the bavarian illuminati 01 May 1776 to the election day of George Washington on 04 Feb 1789 is exactly 666 weeks.

The exact 666 week interval is 4662 days. In an earlier post, It was determined that the exact time period from fdr becoming a 32nd degree mason to the bombing of pearl harbor is 4666 days.

Now look at this link.

The name of the fresco is “Apotheosis of George Washington”.  The word “apotheosis” is the desire to elevate someone to divine status.

The fresco of Washington on the roof of the rotunda is exactly 4664 square feet. Around the fresco are 72 stars which are representative of the barleycorn measurement. The babylonian word for barleycorn is “she”.  The concept is explained here.

The precessional equinox is 25,920 years. When divided by 360 degrees in a circle it yields 72 which is the number of years in one degree change of that celestial movement. 360 degrees x 72 shes per degree = 1080 shes per hour. 1080 shes per hour x 24 hours/day = 25,920 shes per day which is the same number as the complete cycle of the precessional equinox. 1776 + 72 = 1848 which is the year the cornerstone was laid for the Washington Monument and 100 years before the rebirth of Israel.

The ritual third concept can be seen in 24/72 = 1/3. 72/216 = 1/3. The link above shows the “helek” at a value of 3-1/3 seconds.

You can see the comparison of Washington to Zeus in the following. One side of the nation has the state of Washington. The heart has Io-wa (hacked Washington) and the other side is the city state of Washington DC. The fallen angels took women of earth and the beastlike nephilim race was produced. Look at this link and see where the concubine of zeus, Io, is turned into a cow.  Cows were often sacrifices and the golden calf was formed when Moses broke the Ten Commandments before the tribe. There is a strange parallel between a woman being the concubine of a false god turning into a cow and the sacrifice used by ancients to attempt to recover lost ground to the spiritual realm. The dark ritual would create an antithesis path to try and fulfill the first temptation of where satan told Eve she could be as god. This is the reason the masonic ranks refer to elevated members as most worshipful. If species in dark concept had been mixed genetically then it would explain how fallen angels were able to mate with earth women and create an eternally damned offspring (nephilim) that would be the cursed flesh vehicle for a future antichrist.

On the inverted pentagram is the fallen angel name of samael. The name is separated by star points which make sa – ma – and el. Look at el as the “will of God”. Now you have sa for satan and ma. Ma is the word casually given to a mother. samael is know as an angel of death. Now break down the word masonic > ma-sonic (sound of a cursed flesh woman?) In nebucahdnezzar’s dream the sense of a beast passed over man and seven year’s time. If it passed over then a decision stands at the end of this cursed time to take the sense of a beast and the mark or deny it. 7 years is the full length of the tribulation. What is the cry of a mason in the courtroom?  “Does anyone have pity on a poor widow’s son?” That would be decision to accept life and an inheritance through death. The Prodigal Son took such inheritance in believing his Father would die. His Father didn’t die and he returned home to life. The following is a link to explain the seed for the eternally damned.

Here’s another interesting time duration. From the eve of the birth of the US to Black Tuesday 29 Oct 1929 is exactly 56,000 days or 8000 weeks. 8000 /72 = 111.1111…… 56,000 / 72 = 777.7777…..

28 cycles of 72 years is 2016.

From Washington’s gregorian birthday to the rebirth of Israel is 216 year 2 months and 22 days. Here you have the babylonian source code and a mirror image of the 22 Feb date.

What is interesting about the babylonian/jewish moon cycle is that time gets 1 day later every 216 years. The connections to “216” continue to build  as seen in earlier posts.

From the beginning of the year to Washington’s birthday is 53 days.

The evidence is quite clear something major occurred in ritual to set the last chapter of the mystery babylon in motion. George Washington was a mason and used a masonic ceremony to set the cornerstone of the capitol. What becomes painfully obvious is he was duped. The organization that he became a member of was and is sinister to its core. For satan and his forces to have power they must make people believe a lie or lies. This would have to start at the foundation of the country with the very first president.

I visited a website that is major and now changed in format. They used a lot of coding to show satanic infiltration into organizations and probably still do. One scene showed a group killing what they called god. It was George Washington on a gurney. Why would they do this? I plan to revisit that website in a later post and expose them for what they are.

There is one man from the Bible who was taken to Heaven without death. It was Enoch. Elijah was taken up also but returned back as John the Baptist to fulfill the death requirement.  It says, man is appointed to die from sin once then judgment.  That means Enoch would need to come back to fulfill that requirement. When would this be done and in the form of what person?

Look at the ritual on a dollar bill and what would be the seed for a monetary system. The word “One” is curious. It is the first three letters of Enoch backwards. The higher ups in the masonic orders practiced Enockian Magick. Notably among those are the grand hierophants (black popes) of the 97th degree of egyptian masonry theodor reuss and aleister crowley who died in the ritual year of 1947.

The Books of Enoch gives many details into the angelic anarchy and the works of what fell to earth. One of the principle demons is known as azazel and taught mankind the secrets of the element Antimony. Why antimony? It almost says antimoney, and the love of money is the root of all evil. Antimony is number 51 on the atomic chart. Of all elements antimony appears to be special, at least to a fallen angel class. There could be a reason why Area 51 is named that way. Does the element have anti gravitational properties? 33 degrees west of the georgia guidestones is in the vicinity of Area 51.

What Enoch was given in knowledge parallels what was given to Solomon. The use of the knowledge could be for good or for evil. If it is used for evil then wouldn’t the darkside attempt to destroy that which is good? Would they be awake to when and how Enoch would reappear on the scene to fulfill the requirements of sin which is death? By now if you have read the previous posts there is no doubt a dark ritual has been created through time that has a set goal in mind of creating a new world order with a demonhead at the top.

Many things involved with the spiritual realm occurred in Washington’s life. The following is a recount of a life changing angelic visit by a soldier who was at Valley Forge with Washington.


Look at the capitol hill as the demonhead. Is it as the all seeing eye?  The two streets that go from the capitol form a pyramid. The collective mindset in that government complex is to supplant God’s laws with man’s with an ever increasing erosion of conformity. The end goal is mass extermination and a reverse of a rapture where the soul harvest is for darkness.

In the coming rapture, the clear indication is that there is a split down the middle with the reference to one taken and another left used in the description plus the parable of ten virgins where 5 are taken and 5 left. 500 million is the benchmark number for humanity on the georgia guidestones. The goal is to reform light in the 3.5 plus billion left behind into a demigod type race where the 3.5 billion is reversed to 500 million or 1/7th. If you don’t think so then ask yourself why multiple demon that spoke to Christ were forged under one name, legion. Ask why Christ stated that when a house is swept clean of a demon, seven return worse than the one before. Why did Mary Magdalene have seven demons removed from her? The false religion lie is to tear the soul apart. The end goal is soul harvest.

In the religions that do not see someone reborn in spirit and water through Jesus Christ the lies of the antichrist prevail. The soul light is split into 7 components. The fallen angel class has taken the mark of the beast and the crown and mind chakras are burned out. The areas of the (beast mind) are replaced with high technology and ormus therapy along with blood ritual.

The Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years after the exodus from egypt. The purpose was to cleanse the people entering the Promised Land of the generation that was born in egypt. The 40 year process is due to the patterns of the planet venus. Venus returns to its original place in the celestial sky every 40 years.

Venus in roman mythology is known as the goddess of love. The reverse of love is lust and the planet is also known as the “morning star” or “lucifer”.  In the transit of venus in the false heliocentric model, it aligns with earth 5 times in the 8 years and forms the pentagram. The satanists use the inverted pentagram with goat of mendes in the middle. The whole process is 40 years and is the foundation for the spirit of egypt.

In the endtimes, God will destroy egypt and it will lay barren and uninhabitable for 40 years. Read Ezekiel 29:12.

Here is a link on what happens with venus. The highest point to the sun is 47 degrees and the cycles of 36, 40, and 216 days give a clear indication that what is set in motion is babylonian in concept. I suggest you read through the entire page and see what the darkside uses against you.

When Moses was on the mountain receiving the Law from God, some of the Jews forged a golden calf and did things that were immoral. The seed for the separation of the weeds from wheat started there. The participants were clearly seared to the soul and worshipped the fallen angelic state which is the precursor to “the beast” the actual manifestation of the antichrist on earth as the gates of hell prevail on earth for 42 months. Can you imagine a group of those who were just liberated from egypt having the will to worship a golden calf and do what is immoral right before God? What does that say about this current generation? What is different as the second coming of Christ approaches?  Isn’t the coming Kingdom rejected in the desire to elect officials that in a collective mindset forge law and will contrary to God’s design? There are 535 members of the congress. 53 both ways. There are 100 senators. 53 +47 = 100. The very birthdate of the last chapter of the mystery babylon is the 17th of Tammuz which is the day Moses broke the Law into pieces before those who rejected God.

The 17th of Tammuz is also the start of the breach of the walls of Jerusalem at the cusp of the destruction of the 2nd Temple.

What you can take from this post is there is a clear effort to oppose God’s Kingdom and something dark is awake to the true purpose and design of Washington DC and surrounding area to attempt to defeat him and usher in a new world order.

The dark players  (hoover, fdr and truman) were caught and the ritual math use in Pearl Harbor and 9/11/2001 is undeniable. The same thing is true from the birth of the country. You will find not only is the 216,666, and 47 ordering principle used but the battleground exists at 53 days and against the 153 fish caught in the net of the disciples at the third appearance of Christ.

153 is an unusual number. 1 cubed + 5 cubed + 3 cubed = 153.  If you start at the bottom row of a pyramid with seventeen objects by the time you reach the seventeenth row and remove one each time to form a pyramid then you are at one at the top.

The ritual to connect hoover and fdr started when for he was initiated into the 32nd degree of scottish rite masonry and in the same week to the day hoover is inaugurated with Pearl Harbor’s bombing being exactly 666 weeks after that. The year was 1929. In this year the designer of the novus ordo seclorum emblem, nicolas roerich, broke ground on what is now called the master apartments. Nicolas Roerich and his assistant had diaries and notes that can be found in research that expected a coming “maitreya”. The word tells what is coming. (maitreyas is 666 in English gematria) The perfect dark sacrifice on beltane  01 May (mai french)  (remember may first is the only day adding to 666 in English gematria) and the trey would be for unholy resurrection of the third dark day (03 May)

The building claims to be 27 stories, but the very top in documentary shows a temple like room numbered 2901. There were several international dignitaries at the groundbreaking ceremony for this building which is quite unusual. The cornerstone is marked with MR and 1929 is said to contain this.

1929 – 1776 = 153.

During the period of the births of the founding fathers the English decided to adopt the calendar of their enemy the RCC. That was done on 02 Sept 1752 and the next day became 14 Sept 1752 and 11 days went missing. At the beginning of the gregorian calendar in 1582 the 0 year counting for days, weeks and months leading up to a year was omitted. The change for George Washington’s birthdays is from 11 Feb 1731 to 22 Feb 1732 . The total difference is 1 year and 11 days which is important in helping to define a ritual even though the day difference has grown the ritual was a false dark power over those God sent to found the US.

The egyptian New Year is 11 Sept on the coptic calendar in the month of “nayrouz”. Go in reverse 11 days and you are at 31 Aug. I think this is the day Christ was born and covered up in the nonexistent year of 00AD. If the 31 Aug date is used then going in reverse 9 months would take you to the Immaculate Conception on 01 Jan 00AD which is exactly when the Christian Era should start.

If the 31 Aug date is used then go 2000 years in the future and try to celebrate that birthday. By the Gregorian shift, it lands on 11 Sept 2001!!!

The 1929 year is of consequence. The Julian birthdate of Washington is the same day as the birthdate of the Lateran Treaty which is 11 Feb. The 1929 Roerich Building has the same architect, Harvey Wiley Corbett, as for the George Washington Masonic National Monument. The building is in Alexandria, Virginia, 333 feet tall and patterned after the original lighthouse at Alexandria.

The laying of the cornerstone was on 01 November 1923. This is All Saint’s Day, and the same day John Adams was the first president to occupy the White House in 1800. This is a ceremonial year for Capitol Hill as well. Next year is 2016 and the 216th anniversary of both. The interior of the  GW National Masonic Monument building was completed in 1970 which is 47 years later. Why would the building be named for George Washington?While Washington was a mason, he wasn’t as interested in masonry as some think and didn’t attend meetings regularly in later life. He also knew the ranks had been infiltrated and compromised by the Illuminati ranks. The efforts of adam weishaupt and the bavarian illuminati were known at the time. Washington wrote the following to Rev. George Washington Snyder from this link.

Quote –

“Rev’d Sir: I have your favor of the 17th. instant before me; and my only motive to trouble you with the receipt of this letter, is to explain, and correct a mistake which I perceive the hurry in which I am obliged, often, to write letters, have led you into.

It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am.

The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavored to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of separation). That Individuals of them may have done it, or that the founder, or instrument employed to found, the Democratic Societies in the United States, may have had these objects; and actually had a separation of the People from their Government in view, is too evident to be questioned.

My occupations are such, that but little leisure is allowed me to read News Papers, or Books of any kind; the reading of letters, and preparing answers, absorb much of my time.” – end of quote

I don’t think there is any doubt that infiltration and a plan to bring in a new world order through the masons either wittingly or unwittingly by the actions of its members.





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