NASA math


All of this crap is masonic and related to the sexagesimal babylonian system “666” math. Day one of NASA was 01 Oct 1958. Go exactly 666 weeks and 1 day in reverse. It is nimrod’s birthday on 25 Dec 1945. The first nuclear blast is that year and the UN is formed along with the end of WW2 which was named “World War 2” on 11 Sept 1945.
They are fallen third ritual. Look at the number of the runway.

Now go a Mars cycle in the future of 47 years from 25 Dec 1945 to 25 Dec 1992. The us nuclear testing program ends that year. Agenda 21 is formulated by the UN at Rio de Janeiro, and as stated in an earlier post the birthday of nimrod in the 47 year interval is exactly 666 weeks after the dedication of the Georgia Guidestones on 22 Mar 1980.

This is all interconnected in darkness. Take the 25 Dec 1945 and go in reverse 666 weeks. It is 22 Mar 1933.

You have the skull and bones date where the first concentration camp of the nazis is opened, dachau and beer is made legal at 3.2% alcohol. Nimrod’s birthday is on the other side. If you go from 22 Mar 1933 to the dedication date of the georgia guidestones on 22 Mar 1980 then it is again exactly 47 years. 1980 minutes x 60 minutes/degree = 33 degrees. 23 Mar 1933 hilter became chancellor by the Enabling Act. When you forwards exactly 666 weeks then you land on 26 Dec 1945 which accounts for the one day difference. There is no doubt in my mind that a group is paying reverence to something dark and sinister involving hitler and the babylonian tradition. The 22 Mar date connects the skull and bones organization as well and makes the Bush/Scherff connection even a hotter smoking gun. I can hear the bullets being fired. Whether all of the participants wittingly or unwittingly played their parts something orchestrated this dark concert to make the ritual math work out with such precision. This is no long conspiracy theory. It is conspiracy fact. A motive and a plan released over time in dark ritualistic fashion is clearly visible.

Now NASA is in the math. Do you think the problems of the US at the Great Depression and the rise of nazism on the other side are not part of the hegelian dialectic? Where did Werner von Braun come from? Who headed NASA?

The Moon missions are fake. There is a reason they were named “Apollo/Apollyon”. The coming antichrist is known as apollyon. The ritual math around the events prove it.

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