Winston Churchill tie in to Zionism


In 1905 the Ancient society of druids did this.

From’s entry for “1905”
quote –
August 25 – The Ancient Order of Druids initiate neo-Druidic rituals at Stonehenge in England. – end of quote
Winston Churchill is a member of the order of ancient druids. Scroll down and look at the notable members.

He is a member of the ancient “Oxford” group. O=6. X=6. F=6 in simple numerology. The names are luciferic ritual and Offutt AFB can be tied directly to it. O and F = 6. U=3 and T = 2. Offutt means “man from oxford”.

It is basically 666322 for the mark of the beast and skull and bones plus is on the ritual 96th WLon  for the 96th degree summation of egyptian masonry known as the rite of Mizraim which is the Hebrew word for “egypt”. Omaha, Nebraska is the birthplace of malcolm x and on 96WLn as well. Nebra is the derivative name of nimrod and aska is al-Aqsa (temple on the mount) backwards. What is cast into natural thought of mankind in the spiritual fight simply can’t be escaped.

He is a personal friend of Bernard Baruch who funds the ministry of the 33rd degree mason Billy Graham. There are tons of photos here.

Exactly 28 years later (sun cycle) this happens. The Haavara agreement between nazi germany and zionists is signed on 25 Aug 1933

The zionists are fake, self styled jews that adhere to moloch worshipping principles. They do not have Judeo-Christian interests at heart. The plan is the complete destruction of both.

There is a darkside to this.

1933 was a ritual year.

1933 + 33 (for fallen third) us satanic church is started exactly 21 years after hitler faked his death on 30 Apr 45. It was on walpurghisnacht which is the eve of Beltane. May first (only day to equal 666 in English gematria) is the day the bavarian illuminati was formed by adam weishaupt in 1776.

1933  (22 Mar – first concentration camp, dachau, is opened)+ 47 (Mars cycle) is 1980. 22 Mar (skull and bones number) is the dedication day of the georgia guidestones.

1933 + 28 years (birkat hachama sun cycle) is 1961 birth of obama (apollyon)

Stonehenge is a sun ritual device on 51 degrees 10 minutes NLat. On this ritual line is the ritual firebombing of Dresden which killed 600,000 civilians, Chernobyl (means wormwood) and astana (play on satana) khazakhstan (khazarian satan) sun worship city. This line was a place for the satanic nazis as well.

Stonehenge has 56 holes around it known as the Aubrey holes. They were supposedly discovered by the namesake, John Aubrey, in 1666

1905 + 56 (two sun cycles) = 1961 (birth year of Obama)

1913 (Federal Reserve birth year) + a Mars cycle of 47 years + a Stonehenge cycle of 56 years = 2016

56 x 6 x6 = 2016

They also have littered the US east coast with false flags on a line between stonehenge and the pyramid of the sun in Mexico. Mexico comes from mexhitli which means god of war.

Did the druids and talmudic jews know the end date of the world as 25 Aug. at the end of the millennial reign? The date would be the equivalent of making a deal with the devil to reform Israel and basically defy the prophecy of the Holy Bible.

Look at what happens if the two witnesses are killed by the antichrist at sol invictus on 25 Dec 2019. 3.5 days later at the 7th trumpet and resurrection would be 29 Dec 2019. Christ said he would rebuild his Temple in three days which would take you to 01 Jan 2020 has the millennial Kingdom being officially ready.

Use the prophetic year of a 1000 year reign. The total duration would be 360 x 1000 or 360,000 days.

The 25 Aug end date is the same date as the Druid ritual at stonehenge and the talmudic Jews made a deal with the devil (Nazis) 28 years (solar cycle later) on 25 Aug 1933.
Now go from 11 Sept 2001 which I think is the covered up 2000th birthday of Christ with a 1 year and 11 day jump ( ritual of English accepting the Gregorian calendar and subsequent change from the “Old Style”) forwards to Obama’s birthday in that proposed end of the world year and the coming of New Heaven.

It is 366,666 days.

Now go in reverse from Obama’s birthday on 04 Aug 1961 6666 weeks. You land on 01 Nov 1833 which is the year of the first class of skull and bones and 100 years before the nazi zionist pact in 1933.
01 Nov is All Soul’s Day and the day a president first stayed in the White House. John Adams occupied it on 01 Nov 1800. This year marks 216 (6x6x6) years.

The UN is a luciferian organization and the ritual math is around them as well.

1933 had a lot of parts, pieces and players in their dark concert. On 05 Apr 1933 exactly 1900 years after the resurrection of Christ this occurs.
From’s entry for April 5 Quote -President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt declares a national emergency and issues Executive Order 6102, making it illegal for U.S. citizens to own substantial amounts of monetary gold or bullion. – end of quote

Pay attention to the executive order number “6102”. What is it in reverse? 2016!!!!

The “33” is a ritual for the fallen third.
1733 – the first grand lodge is established in Massachusetts.
1833 – The first class of skull and bones
1933 – All governments are controlled by luciferian forces with the sole intent of sacrificing humanity in the next world war. At the time, World War 1 was called the Great War. WW2 was not officially named until 11 Sept 1945

Note that Henry Stimson, Secretary of War is a skull and bones member.
And James Forrestal –

Truman was a 33rd degree mason who was the 33rd president.


Go 666 weeks forward from 05 Apr 1933 and the start of a new cycle on the first day this happens.
From’s “1946” entry quote -January 10
The first meeting of the United Nations is held at Methodist Central Hall Westminster in London.
Project Diana bounces radar waves off the Moon, measuring the exact distance between the Earth and the Moon, and proves that communication is possible between Earth and outer space, effectively opening the Space Age. – end of quote

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