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In the redemption process, the big fight is with the tribe of dan which rules the UK at present. The dog star Sirius who accompanies the hunter, nimrod, orion has the 365.25 day cycle. The false heliocentric model is what perpetuates the apollyon/antichrist lie that we revolve around him. The pyramids of giza are aligned with that orion constellation for a reason. The luciferic ritual uses the sirius cycle. If you add the .25 day in exactly 1461 years the beginning of the rise of sirius meets the end. 1461 years after the start of the Christian Era, Edward of York assumed the throne after the bloodiest battle in the history of England. 555 years later would be 2016. The Washington Monument (phallus of aton) is 555 feet tall. There is a reflection pond in front of the tallest obelisk in the world for a reason. Are we a reflection of Christ or the antichrist?

The reversal of the word God is dog. It is why the false god of the dead has a dog head in egypt. The darkside is into word reversal as live to evil, lived to devil, suez to zeus and Lebanon to nonabel (cain) attests to. In the end, when the red shift occurs after the rapture, satan will appear on his throne in pergamum as stated in Revelation 2. He was cast down to Mount Zaphon which is now known as Mount Aqraa for the acropolis. The dark concept is for him to be zeus and his son, the false sungod to be apollyon (apollo). The tie in of greek to egyptian (the spirit of egypt and sodom are over the Holy City during the 42 month antichrist reign) starts in flesh by the Ptolemaic dynasty. Greeks actually ruled egypt. cleopatra was greek.

A few years ago Tom Connors was contacted by an inter dimensional drone at Maxwell AFB outside of Montgomery, Alabama. The object was over a pine tree and there is a connection to the pineal gland there. The compromised whore of babylon church, the RCC, knows the connection and has the world’s largest pine cone statue.

Look at this ritual of atomic tests named for trees. It includes the pine tree, the olive tree and the final one is the fig tree which is the tree of knowledge. You will have to scroll down to see it, but the indication is quite clear that something is being done to pervert creation with nuclear blasts.

The telepathic conversation he had with the drone involved greek mythology. He went to the library and got a greek mythology book. He had a discussion on the internet and was visited by two government spooks at his work place who confiscated the book in the interests of national security. The point is that in flesh we are at the front lines of the spiritual battle. The luciferians who run the governments and did what Christ could not do in 40 days of temptation do not want Christians to see the truth. They rule by the lies fed to them from their father satan. When the parousia (awakening) takes place it is game over. That is happening right NOW!!!!! The current president is the precursor to the Zecharian 11 fulfillment of the antichrist. The darkside revere him as the sungod, the controller of fire that will reform them into an abomination before the one true God, Yahweh. In greek legend, prometheus brought fire to earth. Obama was born in 1961. Promethium is 61 on the atomic chart.

The reformation of light would be through CERN which is a hacked word for Cernnunos (the celtic god of the underworld). The beast that is to emerge from hades is cut into the side of a hill in England. It is called the Cerne Abbas Giant. In other words, they are saying Giant Father from the underworld. The figure is enclosed in a pentagon.

The place is Dorset which is a hacked fused word for “door of set”. The fallen tribe of dan has created ritual in Europe against the Order of Melchizedek because the fallen angel class does not want 2/3rds of this world to ascend and touch the truth through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The Lord’s Prayer gives you clues. “The Kingdom come. The will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Earth is therefore a reflection of Heaven. The masons serve the baphomet process and are sworn by oath to death not to reveal their dark secret. It starts with the novice going into the Upper Room and taking a nimrod oath (the father of masonry and first babylonian king of which the antichrist is the 8th). The whole point is to have a recreation of the formation of the true Church at Holy Pentecost and go in the opposite (antichrist) direction. The ascension process from crucifixion to the formation of the Church as the Holy Spirit descended on 120 disciples in the Upper Room is 53 days. If you go in reverse from 14 May (birthday of Israel – 1948 was Holy Pentecost on the 360 day prophetic calendar) 53 days takes you to 22 Mar which is the 322 skull and bones number and the dedication date of the georgia guidestones. 33 degrees x 60 minutes/degree = 1980 minutes which is the GG birth year.

The Danube River is the longest river in Europe. It starts in the BLACK Forest and empties into the BLACK Sea. The name is fused from the marriage of the tribe of dan and anubis. If you apply the dark compass of masonry to the center of the major satanic center of Europe which is the Isle of Wight, the Abbey of Melk in Austria on the Danube in 666 nautical miles away. The land was given to the RCC by the illuminati hapsburg family. It is no coincidence that deustchland in english gematria is the only country I am aware of that equals 666. it should also be no surprise that the reverse of God to dog to create a false doghead egyptian god  that is considered the god of the dead has “Book of the dead” equalling 666 in English gematria. You can also see the natural Jew at the crossroads of redemption through Christ because the three dimensional symbol (the star of David – natural seed of life) is called the “holy merkaba” Merkaba is sea cube and “holy merkaba” in English gematria is 666.  Without Christ this is where the earthbound stands. A further erosion of the process is 666 nautical miles away from the birthplace of Jesus Christ. It is the black rock known as the “kaaba” and subject to the luciferian movement of venus, sin (moon) realm and the saturnian death cult. You shall know a tree by the fruit it bears. It cannot be escaped. The fact that it is cast into the desert is the decision to enter the demonic realm. Instead of the “T” taw the moloch worshipping phoenician Aramaic letter the “X” of nimrod is used. The reverse word is re”Taw” or leaving the water baptism and taking the desert (beginning of abomination of desolation) in the mind. Many will follow the “X”man to their eternal deaths. I suggest people pray for the scales to come off of the eyes of those in the muslim deception.

The site is for dark ritual against the formation of the name Melchizedek. Hence you have the name Melk. The hakenkreutz (hacked cross) was over this land. hitler was not christian. Here’s more than enough proof.

satan in flesh, hitler, was born 666 statute miles from the center of the Isle of Wight in branau im inn, austria. The tie-in of pergamum to berlin is undeniable and there is a pergamum museum. The residence of satan is in pergamum per Revelation 2.

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