The Illuminati ordering principles – Part 4

A lot of dots are starting to connect. To tie the Bush clan into the Illuminati all you have to do is show what they are associated with. This is where it becomes slightly complex and and a lot of factors have to be considered.

The first, most obvious and undeniable connection is to skull and bones.

Father and son are both members. Father and son are bohemian grove attendees.

In egyptian masonry, the first 90 degrees are known as the “rite of memphis” 90WLon runs through Memphis, TN. The world and particularly the US is laid out in it. What I am going to show you will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that conspiracy theory is conspiracy fact. Exactly 33 degrees west of that is Bohemian Grove. Bohemian Grove is in Sonoma County. Sonoma means “valley of the moon”. The Akkadian (Babylonian) word for “moon” is  su’en or pronounced SIN!!!!! 666 statute miles away is the “valley of the sun” in Arizona. If a straight line is drawn it goes through “Death Valley”.

Sonoma is the fused word from Son of Man. The same thing is true about sonora desert (son of ra). The cremation of care is a climactic ceremony where the core group in ritual before the owl statue of moloch has shown their complicity in the destruction of the temple and image of God which is the body. K is silent in knOWLedge and knight for a reason.

This picture is Bush Sr. wearing a garrison type cap with a baphomet image and the number 77.

Bush Sr. gave his NWO speech to a joint session of congress on 11 Sept 1990 exactly 11 years before the event. The so called “God” longitude that runs through Washington DC is 77W Lon and the so called plane that hit the pentagon was numbered UA-77. The pentagon’s groundbreaking ceremony was exactly 60 years before the event on 11 Sept 1941. The ritual math in previous posts ties in three other presidents that show the connection of Pearl Harbor to 911. The Pearl Harbor incident was 88 days after the pentagon groundbreaking.

88 is important because it involves egyptian masonry.   For the spirit of sodom and egypt to prevail over the Holy City during the reign of the antichrist then the methods of this villain must first be perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. For that to happen, a dastardly plan has to be implemented by those who are willing to play their part in the dark scheme of satan/lucifer. They did what Christ could not do in 40 days of temptation. They took financial gain and power throughout this sinful time in a string of failed kingdoms and nations to lead to an antichrist. They are awake to the ways of the dark, and their plan is the annihilation of Christianity.

During pyramid building in egypt which was during the 6660 year interval that true north was in the sign of Draco, 88 pyramids were built for the 88 constellations. 32 constellations for the black keys on a piano are predominantly in the northern hemisphere, and 56 constellations for the white keys are predominantly in the southern hemisphere. This is why you have the 88 day interval from the groundbreaking of the pentagon to the bombing of Pearl harbor.

The late, great David Flynn determined that the precessional equinox (true north) entered the sign of draco (the dragon) in 6627 BC. True north entered the eye of the dragon known as “alpha draconis”. It was known as “thuban” to the egyptians, and the north sides of the giza pyramids are aligned with it. Exactly 6660 years later on 03 Apr 33AD true north exited the tail of the dragon at the crucifixion of Christ. He defeated death and sin. Revelation 12 has meaning in this event.

The entire precessional equinox cycle is 25,920 years. A ritual third of 25,920 is 8640 years. 8640 years – 6660 years = 1980 years. The dedication date of the georgia guidestones is the skull and bones date 22 Mar 1980.  33 degrees x 60 minutes/degree = 1980 minutes as well.The object is 666 statute miles to the lucifer room at the UN and 666 nautical miles to the cuban pentagram at Tarara (ararat backwards). The center is 33 feet above sea level.

The dedication date of the georgia guidestones is the skull and bones number 322. The reason why it has the skull and bones number is because the ones behind the shrine and ritual are luciferians and walk against the formation of the Christian Church. Christ died and was resurrected on the third day. He spent 40 days on earth. He then ascended into Heaven and 10 days later the Holy Spirit descended upon 120 disciples in the Upper Room at the first Holy Pentecost which is the formation of the church. That is a total of 53 days. In prophetic fulfillment Israel was reborn as a nation on 14 May 1948. When the 360 day prophetic calendar is used the day is Holy Pentecost. Go 53 days in reverse from 14 May and you land on 22 Mar.

The darkside likes to reverse and hack words as to undo the meaning. Live to evil; lived to devil; and Lebanon to nonAbel (clever name for cain) stand as testament. They know and understand the meaning of “53”. Ritual is used around the number. 53 nations have signed the Anarctica Treaty. There are 53 member nations in the Commonwealth of nations. A skull and bones member, alonzo stagg, started the NFL. 53 players dress out for a game. Trailers on transfers trucks are typically 53 feet in length and have the number painted on the trailer. Elizabeth 2 was coronated in 1953. Herbie (herbert hoover?), the love bug, is numbered “53”.

One researcher who reportedly interviewed the bodyguard of hitler on his deathbed stated that the Bush clan is actually the Scherff family. According to Otto Skorzeny, Bush Sr. is actually George Scherff Jr. He sits behind his father George Scherff Sr. who was the personal assistant to Nikolai Tesla.

As you can see in the photo, this is a real smoking gun, The clear indication is that what is in the photo is being groomed to work for the Nazi Party. That would explain why so many Nazis were given a free pass to the US in “Project Paperclip”.

To paraphrase Tesla, he said, “If you understand the magnificence of 3,6, and 9 then you have the keys to the universe”. So, it appears the ordering principle in the preceding posts is important and used. Here’s another instance. Go from the crucifixion day of Christ into the future 666,000 days.

Of all days, you land on 11 Sept 1856. 1856 is the year Nikolai Tesla is born and the year founding member of the skull and bones, William Russell, incorporated the skull and bones organization into the Russell Trust.

Now go from beltane on 01 May 1856 33,300 days and you land on 04 Jul 1947. Add 3 days and you are at the Roswell crash date. It gives credence to maitreya (may 3rd) being an unholy resurrection date,

Look at the time duration from george w. bush’s inauguration to 11 Sept 2001. It is 33 weeks and 3 days.

From 11 Sept 2001 to the start of the Iraqi War on 20 Mar 2003 is 555 days.

The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall. The driving distance from the Washington Monument to the georgia guidestones is 555 statute miles.

The start of the war was at 5:33 local time as stated in the following wikipedia quote. Quote -On 20 March 2003 at approximately 02:30 UTC or about 90 minutes after the lapse of the 48-hour deadline, at 05:33 local time, explosions were heard in Baghdad. – end of quote  This 555 ritual comes from roman and thelemic ritual practiced by aleister crowley. It is signified by v.v.v.v.v.

The end date of the Iraqi invasion is beltane 01 May 2003. Beltane is also the fake death day of Osama bin laden. The 01 May date is EST.

From April Fool’s Day 1933 to 11 Sept 2001 is 25,000 days.

Note this is a 2,160,000,00 seconds duration which implements the babylonian source code. 216 is explained in earlier posts. The effort of april fool’s day (poisson d’avril) is to mock the 3 days in reverse from the crucifixion of Christ on 03 Apr.

Look at this connection.

The week before in 1933, 3.2% (imagine that) percent by alcohol of beer is legalized and dachau opens on 22 Mar. On Apr 05 fdr declares a national state of emergency and appreciable amounts of gold held by US citizens is made illegal.

The fasces (fascist bundles) are used by both the US government and the nazis. Its use came from the Roman Empire.

From george herbert walker bush’s birthday to the start of the 666th week of the georgia guidestones – 25 Dec 1992 (nimrod’s birthday and year Agenda 21 is conceived in Rio de Janeiro by the UN and the year the US nuclear testing program ends) is 25,033 days.

From his birthday 12 Jun 1924 to 22 Mar 1937 is 4666 days or 666 weeks and 4 days.

UNIX (means one – X for nimrod/antichrist) time calculation was started from 01 Jan 1970. On 09 Sept 2001 the UNIX time stamp turned to 1 billion seconds. This day is ritual for the cursed tree of life at Judges 9:9. Two days later is the cursed tree of knowledge at Judges 9:11.

Look when desert storm starts with the UNIX time stamp.

It is in the 666,666,000 second timeframe. The date is the 47th day of the year EST on 16 Feb. That is explained further in other posts. Here’s a youtube video that shows complicity with the plan. It is someone else’s work, and they did a great job.

The attempt to starve Iraq (natural seed of babylon) was enacted by resolution 666 on Sept 13, 1990 in the UN.

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